The eCrafts Collective are Ramyah Gowrishankar and Kati Hyyppä who joined their forces in the quest for fascinating, unexpected and delightful combinations of traditional crafts and electronics. Craft knowledge is versatile and has adapted with time to the availability of resources and materials. In todays world, it is possible to think of electronics as another, additional material for crafts. Taking this idea to practice, we explore traditional textiles, patterns and crafting techniques in the spirit of open design, and organize also workshops that bring different communities together. An important aspect of the e-crafts adventures is to meet people face to face and to gain insights into local cultures, traditions and folklores. In the course of the explorations electronics become another ingredient in the mix, and the traditional artifacts get a new twist, remaining still connected to the stories of the past.

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Kati is a maker and DIY enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. She likes to mix ideas and materials from different fields, such as traditional crafts, electronics and open cultural content. In addition to exploring various forms of crafts and media in projects, she likes to organize workshops that bring  people from different backgrounds together to share skills and to make things hands-on. Kati also works an as interaction designer, but that is another story.

Kati’s website


Ramyah is a New Media Designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Her education and work experience are multi-disciplinary in nature and she has worked on projects ranging from visual communication, interaction design, filmmaking, animation and interactive & mobile media. A MA graduate from the Media Lab Helsinki of the Aalto University, she is currently a doctoral student at the Design Department of Aalto ARTS. Her research focuses on electronic textiles, soft devices and interaction design. She is interested in exploring the interactions and roles emerging from the integration of traditional textiles and new computational devices where handicrafts meet technology.

Ramyah’s website
Textile Interaction Lab
Knitting and electronics

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