Card weaving evening / Berlin 2013

We got a nice opportunity to visit Mika Satomi and Hannah P. Wilson in their Kobakant studio at the Fab Lab Berlin last week. Discovering our common interests, some of us decided to meet again, and to make woven belts using a technique known as card weaving or tablet weaving. The weekly, open Physical computing day of the Fab Lab was a perfect occasion for this – also because we could quickly make weaving cards using the lab’s laser cutter.

We had learnt card weaving during the summer from a Latvian weaver called Lilija, whom we met during our residency at SERDE. We were happy to pass on the belt-weaving knowledge that we had acquired to a group of weaving enthusiasts in Berlin!

Mika has kindly posted a little story of our weaving evening on the Fab Lab’s blog along with the steps involved in card weaving. More information about this fun weaving technique can also be found in our residency documentation.


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