Open studio event / Latvia, 2013

We had an Open studio event on July 4th at the RIXC Media Space in Riga. During the one day event people could come and familiarize themselves with our previous work by for example trying out the eCrowns, which are electronic versions of traditional Latvian vainags. It was also possible to learn hands on how to make a soft LED circuit using embroidery materials.  In the evening we gave a presentation about e-crafts, introducing e-textiles and how traditional crafts can be reinterpreted using electronics and interactive capabilities. The event took place during the week of the Latvian Song Festival and was a part of transdisciplinary art center SERDE‘s event series, which raises awareness on Latvian contemporary cultural heritage.

RIXC Media Space Exhibition Programme 2013 is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation. The e-crafts project is also supported by Nordic Culture Point and Aizpute Municipality Council.


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